Wenonahs & Wabun E Depart for their Second Trip

On July 2nd the Wenonah girls section paddled in from their first trip. After 4 days in the bush, paddling around Lake Temagami and KoKoKo Lake, the five girls returned with stronger tripping skills and stronger muscles! The group then spent two days at base camp, doing laundry, cleaning out their tents, and re-outfitting their food for the upcoming trip. Although their last trip offered quite a bit of rain, the girls kept their spirits high, and they were rewarded by paddling back out in gorgeous sunny weather this morning. They are now on a five-day trip through Cross and Wasaksina Lakes, a route well-traveled by Camp Wabun.

The Wabun E boys trip arrived on the morning of July 3rd. The new campers are getting the hang of the “Wabun Way,” and the seasoned campers are becoming be even better trippers by learning to stern in the “camper canoe” and carry that canoe on portages. The boys also did their laundry and re-outfitted, etc., and they found some time to relax by challenging the Wenonah girls to “Catchphrase” and a ball game called “Nuke ‘Em.” Wabun E will leave tomorrow on their 9-day trip to Mountain Lake.

Both trips took some time to write letters home, swim off the Wabun dock, and some even took a keen interest in learning to tie knots. Although base camp is fun, and offers some of the comforts of home (like dining room tables and bed bunks), all the staff and campers of these two trips certainly are/will be excited to return to the bush and the simple comforts that come along with that life.  

Wabun E Departing for a Mountain Lake Trip

Wenonahs Departing on Their Second Trip