Time Changes and Falling Back into Summer Memories

As the days grow shorter, we dream of being back on Temagami. The longer days, slower pace, and extended time outside are missing in our daily routines of school and work.  While memories, pictures, and stories take us back to those days of summer, the real power of a Wabun summer comes precisely at this time of year. The newness of school is over and most of us have faced challenges either in the classroom, on the athletic field or stage, or with friends. It is at these times that you need to draw on the strength you have stored up from summer. Think back on those accomplishments and remember that you have strength you didn’t know existed. Lean on your section, they may be thousands of miles away, but together you can accomplish anything, so reach out. We will be sending out address lists before Thanksgiving, but email Jess if you need one before then.


As we turn our focus to Summer 2018, we wanted everyone to have links to 2017 Section Alignment and Itinerary.  We’re putting together slideshows and videos of last summer, so send  Sarah your best photos/videos to include!


Here are the Wabun canoes snuggled in for their long winter’s nap.