2016-17 Open House Schedule

Join generations of Wabun alums, current campers, and staff at the locations below to learn more about an extraordinary summer at Wabun and reconnect with friends.


For more details or to RSVP, please contact Wabun at info@wabun.com 


November Open Houses

Sunday, 11/6

     12:00 PM, NIkki & Dan McCarthy, Columbus, OH

Saturday, 11/26

      2:00 PM, Maggie & Bill Lynch, Studio City, CA

Sunday, 11/27

      2:00 PM, Howie & KD Barnebey, Bellevue, WA


December Open Houses

Saturday, 12/3

4:00 PM, Beth Houle & David Pope, Oak Park, IL

        7:00 PM, Gale & Steve Smith, Hinsdale, IL

Sunday, 12/4

2:00 PM, Tom & Debbie Hodgkins, Lake Bluff, IL


January Open Houses

Sunday, 1/8

     3:00 PM, Maddy Vertenten & Libby Moore, Freeport, ME

Saturday, 1/14

      4:00 PM, Alex & Freddie Lewis, Greensboro, NC

Sunday, 1/15

2:00 PM, Andy & Theresa Hartzell, Drexel Hill, PA

Saturday, 1/21

4:00 PM, Phoebe Knowles and Matt Luongo, New York, NY

Sunday, 1/22

3:00 PM, Michael Brownstein & Reine Hewitt, Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, 1/29

3:00 PM, Tom Vasicek & Teresa Lavoie, Minneapolis, MN

3:30 PM, Jessica & Geoff Scriver, Charlotte, VT


February Open Houses

Saturday, 2/11

      1:00 PM. Jason Lewis & Ali Thurber, Hamden, CT

2:00 PM, Emily & Robert Lyncy, Colombia, MO

      4:00 PM, Courtney & Mark Hatheway, Wakefield, MA

Sunday, 2/12

2:00 PM, Dick & Marg Lewis and John Edmonds, Hopkinton, NH


March Open Houses

 Sunday, 3/5

      2:30 PM, Tim & Linda Foster, Boxborough, MA

Saturday, 3/18

1:00 PM, Dick, Marg, Jess & Jason Lewis, Temagami, ON


“Hear the water, feel the wind,

On an island far away.

Dear old Wabun, don’t forget me,

I’ll be back again someday.”

          -lyrics from Dear Old Wabun