Nurturing Resilience

“Summer Camps Make Kids Resilient”


This article appeared several years ago in Psychology Today and confirms what we know about the benefits of a Wabun experience. A parent recently shared her reflections on picking up her daughter at summer’s end.


I think it was the car ride home when she said it. Jo was in the back seat gazing out the window, far from her canoe’s stern seat on the Missinaibi River. But I think that’s what she was seeing in her mind’s eye, the long view over water and scrubby vegetation that opeslide_musclesns up to the sky of the far north: 

“You know, the more beautiful stuff you look at, the healthier your eyes get.”

All summer this theory, proposed by her bowman Annie, had been a guiding point for them. Living with the land, following the water, reading the sky, their journey took them far from the ease of home. With each sunset or waterfall, I imagine them turning to each other knowing that yes, their eyes were growing stronger, and so was their friendship, their inner strength, their physical endurance, their freedom.


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