Midseason Mania!

midseason campfire2016

Midseason Campfire 2016

It is hard to believe that midseason has already come and gone (see pictures on the gallery page). A few days ago families of the first three-week Chippy and Wenonah campers visited Garden Island and were treated to campsite tours and watched the sections paddle in from their last trips.  Logs, detailing summer adventures were shared by Wabun C, Wenonahs, and Chippies at our midseason campfire. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our first-session campers as they returned home and hope to see them this winter at open houses.

The new three-week campers arrived in Toronto on July 18th, enjoyed Timbits from Tim Hortons, then loaded their gear into the Wabun van and headed north. Of course, we made the mandatory stop at Webers for burgers and fries, but arrived on Garden Island in time for a wonderful dinner and spectacular sunset. The next morning we welcomed the Mattawa and Wabun D sections back to camp and the Wenonahs and Chippies got life jackets, tumps, groundsheets, duffles, and paddles from outfitting, checked in with Debi in the infirmary, learned how to tump and paddle and even managed to squeeze in a kickball game and swimming. We enjoyed hearing from Wabun D and the Mattawa sections at a second campfire and gave a wonderful cheer for our 84th season (video below). All sections have headed back out on trip and we have collected some pictures of life on trip that we will add to the gallery soon.