Mid-Season Mega Post!

We have been busy with seven sections for the past week. Here is an update on all the comings and goings. We’ll work to get more photos up in the next few days.


Wabun E: The Wabun basecamp staff celebrated Bastille Day on Friday, July 14th by welcoming the Wabun E boys back into camp. The boys just came off a 10-day trip to Red Squirrel Lake and all were in good health and good spirits, ready to rejuvenate and get back out into the bush as soon as possible. While in basecamp, there was a rousing game of Bingo, a few games of “Mafia,” and even more games of “Magic: The Gathering” played. The boys were teaching the basecamp staff how to play this complicated game, and it turned out to be quite fun. All the boys were eager to try out the new “Tiki Toss” game installed on the porch. Tiki Toss is simply a pendulum: a string hanging from the ceiling with a ring attached to the bottom, and the goal is to use the pendulum to get the ring on a metal hook attached to the wall. This produced hours of fun for the Wabun E boys as well as the rest of the sections who have come through base camp. The Wabun E boys have since left for their second trip: 9 days to Center Falls and Diamond Lake.


Wenonah: The Wenonah girls arrived on the morning of July 16th, the same day that the Wabun E boys left for their second trip. The girls came off a 6-day trip to Diamond, Wakimika, and Obabika lakes. These girls made it in for mid-season, said goodbye to their beloved Lucia, who was only at camp for the first three week session and read a log at the mid-season campfire, telling all about the adventures of their first three weeks. It continues to be clear that these girls are an amazingly cohesive group, very caring and supportive of one another, and they will only grow stronger in the second half of the summer. Lucia may be gone, but they gained another camper: River, and they are excited to bring River into the fold of this special group.


Wabun C: The Wabun C boys also came into basecamp on the morning of July 16th, off a 9-day trip down the Temagami River. They also read a log at the mid-season campfire, revealing that they have a motley crew of boys indeed, but all the Wabun C characters complement each other nicely. The boys got a taste of whitewater during this last trip, paddling down the Temagami River. Whitewater is a lot of fun, and this stint on the Temagami River taught them how to read moving water and maneuver canoes, preparing them well for their next adventure: a 22-day trip to Wabun Lake and the Wanapitei River. We are so excited to see the boys return to base camp on August 7th!


Cayuga C: The Cayuga C girls arrived on the Wabun beach the morning of July 17th, coming in from their 8-day trip to Mountain Lake. The girls did a lot of great work, moving quickly through the water and land, and were rewarded by having quite a few half days (in addition to a rest day on Mountain Lake). While in basecamp, the girls enjoyed swimming, re-outfitting, and hanging out and talking as a whole group, which says a lot about their strong group dynamics. If the girls still want to spend so much time with each other after being together 24/7 out in the bush, the girls must really like each other. The Cayuga C girls left for their 21-day trip to Wabun Lake, a rite of passage for many Wabun campers. Although there will be much portaging, they’ll be rewarded with spectacular waterfalls, crystal-clear mineral lakes, and an introduction to whitewater on the Sturgeon River. We cannot wait to hear their stories when they return to base camp on the 7th!


Chippy N, Chippy T, Wawatay: At long last, the Chippies and Wawatays have arrived to basecamp! They arrived the evening of July 18th, and after a day of outfitting food, learning to paddle and tump, they headed out for six days on their first trip. The Chippy Ns will be going to Skunk and Gull Lakes, the Chippy Ts will be traveling through KoKoKo, Cross, and Wasakina Lakes, and the Wawatays will be doing the Cross/Wasaksina Loop in reverse. For most of the campers, this is their first taste of canoe tripping, and they are so lucky to be canoe tripping in the Temagami Lakes Region of eastern Ontario.