Mid-Season Festivities!

It’s been a busy few days on Garden Island!

Mid-season began on July 15th with several families of three-week campers visiting the Cree and Wenonah campsites before watching sections paddle in the next morning. We welcomed Wabun D, the Crees, and Wenonahs back to Garden Island with warm showers, letters from home, delicious meals prepared by our amazing kitchen staff, and a closing campfire for the first three-week campers. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our three-week friends and the rest of the Crees, Wenonahs, and Wabun D spent the day re-outfitting, doing laundry, and playing games. The following day, the Algonquins and Mattawas returned to base camp, as Wabun D and the Crees departed. That evening, we welcomed the the Chippies and Wawatays to Wabun with a hearty Wabun cheer and blast of the canon. The next morning, the older sections introduced the younger ones to the “Wabun Way.” They learned how to tump, roll, and set up tents from experts before all four sections departed on a gloriously sunny morning – the Mattawas and Algonquins for nineteen days, the Chippies and Wawatays for four. Here are some photos of the mid-season activities as well as trip photos from the Crees, Mattawas, and Algonquins. We will continue to post as sections return.