Late July Comings and Goings!

Busy times on Garden Island!

Both Bay Trips have checked in from Webequie as they re-outfitted and picked up their much-anticipated mail! They are all doing well, enjoying great water conditions for downstream travel, and have seen a variety of wildlife – from caribou, moose, and a wolf, to sandhill cranes, eagles and lots of fish!

The Wawatays, Chippies, Crees, and Wenonahs returned from trip and spent their in-camp time doing the obligatory laundry, postcards home, and re-outfitting, but took advantage of every free moment to beat the heat in the water. We had a variety of canoe races, one without paddles which involved tons of splashing and ended with each group flipping their canoes to cool off at the finish line. Even the staff got in on the action and couldn’t out paddle the tenacious campers who eventually took them down.  It’s hard to capture the joy of playing with friends in the clear waters of Temagami on a hot day. Hopefully these photos will capture some of that amazing energy.