Frequently Asked Questions



What should be brought up to Wabun in terms of clothing and equipment? Where can I find some of the specific items?

Wabun is an great place to get extra use of out clothing that will soon be outgrown although a good raincoat, sleeping bag and footwear are important. Many outdoor stores like LLBean, EMS, REI, Cabelas, Gander Mountain and others can provide an opportunity to try on gear and get advice. Links to the detailed clothing and equipment lists for our two sessions: can be found here: six-weeks or three-weeks.

 Who will meet my child at the Toronto airport on June 26th?

Camp Director Jessica Lewis and several staff members greet each camper in the Toronto Airport and chaperone the bus trip up to Lake Temagami.

What if my child has never been in a canoe before?

There are many campers each summer who will be having their first experience in a canoe. The staff members in each section are skilled canoeists who very much enjoy teaching first-timers the various paddle strokes and techniques.

Will my child need money at Camp?

Some money for a simple meal during travel is recommended. The camp has a Tuck Shop where campers can charge essential gear (deducted from the tuition enrollment deposit). Candy and snacks can be purchased for cash (allowance is given between trips).

How do I get in touch with my child during the summer?

Mail is delivered every week day during the Wabun season. Letters should be addressed to:
“Camper Name”
Camp Wabun
Bear Island Post Office
Lake Temagami, Ontario P0H 1C0

Mail from the US takes from seven to ten days. Check for current postal rates to Canada. Please use US, Canadian, or other governmental postal services rather than special mail companies whose deliveries cannot be made to the Bear Island PO. If you need immediate contact with the camp, call 705-237-8910. Telephone and email are not available for campers.

Do parents meet the campers at the end of the season on August 7th? May I visit Wabun?

Wabun has a tradition of parents coming up at the end of the season to pick up campers and spend some time on the lake. There are several lodges on the lake that offer comfortable accommodations and are in close proximity to Wabun.On the afternoon of August 6th, Wabun transports parents and friends to the campsites to visit campers. It is a rewarding time that is filled with enthusiasm and excitement for parents and campers alike. For more information on visiting Wabun, view the Visiting Wabun section of this website or contact Jessica Lewis (contact info below).

Additional questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact Director Jessica Lewis at or by telephone until early June (573-355-3720) or at Wabun thereafter (705-237-8910).

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