Director’s Opening Letter

June 29, 2016

Fleet after fleet of red canoes full of eager paddlers pushed off from the Wabun dock this morning under blue skies as a gentle breeze blew in from the north. I could not ask for better weather, a more adventurous group of young people, or more caring and skilled group of staff to guide them. After a few days in base camp gathering gear, checking equipment, and getting to know section-mates, you could already see the camaraderie and sense of group belonging unfolding this morning as bows worked with sterns to load canoes into the water and then fill them with the supplies necessary for trips ranging from 4 to 42 days! As we sort through pictures we have taken over the past few days we will continue post them to the website and our Facebook page. We will also post the section alignment and itinerary to the website

At our opening campfire last night, we spoke of the great fun that traveling through water and woods with a crew of friends can be. We spoke of peacefulness that comes from being enveloped by the natural world and feeling at home in it. And we spoke of the sense of relief and release that comes from stepping into an environment in which we are not defined by what we purchase, post, consume, or achieve, but instead are revealed to ourselves and one another through our individual efforts, our interdependent contributions to a common goal, and the grace and humor with which we face the challenges and celebrate the successes. I would like to applaud your children for stepping outside the everyday and embracing the opportunity to join one another on a simple, but profound journey. And I would like to thank you for sharing your children with us this summer, I am grateful to be able to play a role in the experience they have set out to author.