Cayuga C, Wabun C, and Wabun B return!

Wabun C: On the morning of July 6th the Wabun C boys paddled in from their 8-day trip to Hobart Lake

Wabun C on Maple Mountain

via Lady Evelyn lake. On their trip they took a rest day to climb the popular “Maple Mountain” and snap some beautiful photos. Once they returned to base camp, they finished their section chores quickly so that they could have some valuable free time. The boys got a chance to play “Mafia” with the Cayuga C girls section and write some letters home. Today they are hoping to complete a base-camp compass orienteering course and have some relaxation time before they head back out tomorrow and have some more fun in the bush. The boys leave tomorrow morning for their 9-day trip to the Temagami River.


Cayuga C Getting Ready to Outfit

Cayuga C: On the morning of July 6th, the Cayuga girls section also paddled onto the shores of Wabun beach. Most of these girls have tripped together before, whether it was last year or in years prior, and as they returned from this trip it was nice to see that the girls have again formed an amazingly cohesive section. Canoe tripping certainly bonds kids together in a special way. These girls were also on an 8-day trip, going to, among others, Cross Lake and Wasaksina Lake. They had an especially fun evening at “The Heights” campsite, where they created “Hammock City.” These girls are pros – back at base camp they finished their section work quickly, and today they are re-outfitting their provisions and getting ready for their next trip: 10 days to Mountain Lake. Today, they have a fun-filled day planned before they head back out to do some hard (but rewarding and fun) work in the bush.


Wabun B: This morning, July 7th, the Wabun B boys paddled in from a 9-day trip to Hobart Lake via Diamond and Obabika lakes. They also enjoyed a climb up “Maple Mountain,” although on a different day than the Wabun C boys made the ascent. Amazingly, they saw a five eagles

Wabun B Returns!

and five otters on their trip. When the boys returned to Wabun, they were greeted with hugs by the sections and base camp staff on the beach, and then began to swiftly unload their canoes like professionals. The communication, camaraderie, and cooperation these young men demonstrated in the simple act of effectively and efficiently unloading their canoes and taking their gear up to their cabin offers a small window into their strong bond and interdependence. For the next two days they will be busily preparing to head out for their 4-week trip down the Missinaibi River. The Missinaibi is a beautiful river to the northwest of Temagami that ultimately flows into James Bay. Once their trip is through, they will load all their canoes and gear onto a train and take an awesome ride back south from the coast toward Wabun. This river and trip is a favorite among many Wabun staff/alumni, and the boys are sure to have an unforgettable time.