5 Months From Today!

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” ~Unknown


IMG_0118Five months from now old friends will be hugged, new friends will be welcomed, duffels will be unpacked onto bunks, a swim taken in the blue of Temagami, the five-minute bell will be rung before supper, cheers will raise the roof of the dining room, the ballgame played, the opening fire lit, the wannigans packed, the canoes loaded…the summer begun. Five months from now. I can hardly wait to welcome campers and staff to Garden Island for Wabun’s 83rd season. I am indeed lucky to have felt as a camper, a staff, and now director, the excitement that grows as the months spin by and June draws near. Right now preparations are underway to make this summer great; routes are being researched, bacon and bannock ingredients ordered, and section slots filling up. It is a remarkable thing we do, traveling together in simple ways through undisturbed territory. The opportunities are rare, but still exist. If you have any questions as you prepare for this summer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!  ~Jess