Late July Comings and Goings!

Busy times on Garden Island!

Both Bay Trips have checked in from Webequie as they re-outfitted and picked up their much-anticipated mail! They are all doing well, enjoying great water conditions for downstream travel, and have seen a variety of wildlife – from caribou, moose, and a wolf, to sandhill cranes, eagles and lots of fish!

The Wawatays, Chippies, Crees, and Wenonahs returned from trip and spent their in-camp time doing the obligatory laundry, postcards home, and re-outfitting, but took advantage of every free moment to beat the heat in the water. We had a variety of canoe races, one without paddles which involved tons of splashing and ended with each group flipping their canoes to cool off at the finish line. Even the staff got in on the action and couldn’t out paddle the tenacious campers who eventually took them down.  It’s hard to capture the joy of playing with friends in the clear waters of Temagami on a hot day. Hopefully these photos will capture some of that amazing energy.



Mid-Season Festivities!

It’s been a busy few days on Garden Island!

Mid-season began on July 15th with several families of three-week campers visiting the Cree and Wenonah campsites before watching sections paddle in the next morning. We welcomed Wabun D, the Crees, and Wenonahs back to Garden Island with warm showers, letters from home, delicious meals prepared by our amazing kitchen staff, and a closing campfire for the first three-week campers. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our three-week friends and the rest of the Crees, Wenonahs, and Wabun D spent the day re-outfitting, doing laundry, and playing games. The following day, the Algonquins and Mattawas returned to base camp, as Wabun D and the Crees departed. That evening, we welcomed the the Chippies and Wawatays to Wabun with a hearty Wabun cheer and blast of the canon. The next morning, the older sections introduced the younger ones to the “Wabun Way.” They learned how to tump, roll, and set up tents from experts before all four sections departed on a gloriously sunny morning – the Mattawas and Algonquins for nineteen days, the Chippies and Wawatays for four. Here are some photos of the mid-season activities as well as trip photos from the Crees, Mattawas, and Algonquins. We will continue to post as sections return.


Seven Sections In!!

The island is quiet again after three days with seven sections in base camp. The weather has been gloriously warm and sunny and we’re certain that all sections are enjoying excellent swimming. The blueberries are almost ripe and I suspect sections will begin returning with photos of blueberry pies, bannocks, and pancakes!  Here is the latest batch of photos from the fun-filled three days with the Wabun and Cayuga B, Wabun D, Mattawa, Algonquin, Cree and Wenonah sections. Hard to believe that mid-season is rapidly approaching. 


Return from 1st Trip!

Seven section have returned to  basecamp and the energy is incredible. They have checked in with the infirmary, re-outfitted food for their next trip, and enjoyed lively challenges of Stones, Nuke ‘Em, and kickball on the field. The island is full of laughter and splashing at the dock, cheers in the dining hall, and ping pong in the lodge. Here are a few photos of the Cree, Algonquin, and Wenonah sections returning from their first trip last week, enjoying some 4th of July celebrations, and heading back out. We will post more photos after these sections depart.

Enjoy the smiles!

Wabun’s 83rd Season Opens

Wabun’s 83rd Season Opens


Wabun’s 83rd season opened June 26 to the evening arrival of campers and a delicious spaghetti dinner. The next two days were wonderfully full – morning hours spent gathering gear and choosing routes, and afternoon sessions of meal planning and wannigan packing, all liberally interspersed with swim breaks off the dock, impromptu games of Nuk’em and Kickball, and section paddles around the island. We also held our annual fast-pitch softball game (for the 83rd year running) against Bear Island… and won (definitely not for the 83rd year running)!

Enjoy the photos of the opening two days and we will post more as campers return from trip.